Selangor Criterium Series Race 05 2019: Grand Finals

06.00pm   – Race kit collection; riders check-in and sign-on
07.30pm   – Men Cat D & Women Cat B
08:05pm   – Men Cat C & Women Cat A
08:40pm   – Fixed Gear
09:15pm   – Selangor Brompton Criterium 2019
09:45pm   – Men Cat B
10.30pm   – Men Cat A
11.15pm   – Men Elite
12.00am   – Closing Ceremony

End of event

*All prize giving ceremonies will be held immediately after the respective race ends in conjunction with the subsequent race

Event Name


Entry Application Period




7 December 2019 21:00pm-21:30pm (Saturday)

21 October 2019 – 15 November 2019 or the number of maximum participants (150 Maximum) is reached whichever is earlier

Sepang International Circuit (SIC) South Paddock, Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia. 2.60 kilometre circuit in an anti-clockwise direction

Cycling Selangor & Pedalspot (Group) Sdn. Bhd.

Event Rules

  • Participants must be riding a Brompton and must take part in the race according to the rules.
  • Timing chips will be provided for all participants for the recording of their time/performance
  • Apparel must adhere to the prescribed dress code

Participation Rules

  • Healthy men and women over the age of 16 riding a Brompton, regardless of gender or nationality.
  • All participants to exercise precautions for safe cycling.
  • Participants are expected to be familiar to unfold a Brompton from the folded state and cycle 10.4 km (4 laps) within 30 minutes i.e an average speed of around 20.0km/hr.  The course will be closed after 24 minutes from the start of the race.

Dress Code

  • All participants must wear a suit jacket, collared shirt and for male also a tie.  You can wear suit pants, shorts, three-quarter length pants, and skirts.
  • Participants are also allowed to wear the national/local culture costumes.
  • Participants MUST also wear any PINK clothing apparels or bicycle accessories as the race for this year is in support of MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional / National Cancer Council) Malaysia  
  • There are no special rules for shoes.
  • It is compulsory to wear a hard shell type bicycle helmet and adjust the support of the chin strap properly and secured etc. * Attaching any equipment and a flag to the helmet is prohibited (except when the camera is fixed with a special jig for video shooting).
  • Cycle shorts (racing pants), cycling tights (leggings), etc. are not allowed (however wearing as underwear is possible).
  • Take precautions such as preventing trousers and skirts from getting caught in chains.

* If you have any questions, please contact the event secretariat in advance.

Brompton Bicycle Regulations

  • The bicycle to be use in the race must be a Brompton.
  • The body when folded in a normal state must be able to stand on its own.
  • The change of the handle bar is accepted within the range of the shape of the original model but it must be capable to be folded.
  • Participation may be banned/disallowed if the organizer determines that the Brompton is not appropriate for safety,  the bicycle does not retain its original shape, extreme modifications, etc.
  • Riding while listening to music on a mobile player, using a mobile phone and taking pictures during the event are prohibited as they are dangerous.
  • Video shooting while cycling is allowed, but it is necessary to securely fix the equipment  and helmet with a special jig and do not move during cycling. The organisers do not take any responsibility for damage to equipment use during the race.

* If you have any questions, please contact the event secretariat in advance.

Riding Rules

  • When overtaking the preceding bicycle on the course, it will be overtaken after keeping a sufficient distance from the right side of the preceding bicycle, except when avoiding danger.
  • Assuming that you can safely overtake the following bicycle, try to cycle on the left side (anticlockwise direction) of the course, especially on the straight.
  • When cycling with the body tilted, such as when entering a corner, please avoid the inner pedal to come into contact with the ground.
  • In order to prevent a rear-end collision with the preceding bicycles, please keep enough and sufficient distance between bicycles.
  • To prevent contact with other bicycles, meandering is prohibited. Also, be sure to check the rear view first when changing the cycling line significantly.
  • If you stop on the course due to a bicycle malfunction, fall or body injury, please make sure to check for the presence of oncoming bicycles before evacuating safely to the outside of the course/track with due care. In addition, when returning to the course, you can return only when there is sufficient distance from the oncoming bicycles in the race.

Competition Rules

  • Rider Numbers are determined in the order in which registration entries are received, and the starting position is determined in ascending order.  However, the organising committee reserves the absolute right to vary this order for the smooth running of the event.
  • Timing chip time measurement starts after each bicycle passes the measurement line.  Please ensure the timing chip/transponder is fixed and secured properly to the bicycle.
  • The time measured determines the ranking of the riders on completion of the race.
  • The race is a five (5)  laps race format with a simultaneous start (Le Mans style).  The winner is expected to finish the race in less than half an hour completing five (5) laps of the 2.60 kilometre circuit in an anti-clockwise direction.  The rest of the riders will finish the race when they cross the finish line after the winner of the race.
  • The course will be closed 24 minutes after the start of the race.
  • Overtaking is all on the right side (going anti-clockwise) of the course, except to avoid danger.
  • The only bicycles that can participate are the Brompton triple fold folding bicycles and must comply with the regulations.
  • Please remove any equipment that may fall off or cause harm to others, such as a front bag, kickstand, or headlight.
  • The winners will need to undergo a bicycle inspection. If the winners do not comply with the bicycle regulations, they will be automatically disqualified.

The organisers have an obligation to ensure that the Selangor Brompto Criterium is safe as possible without diminishing the nature of the race. The nature of the race is serious and there is a risk of serious injury, damage to properties or death whilst participating in the event.

The Selangor Brompton Criterium follows the tradition of criterium racing where riders will race in a closed circuit involving a number of laps in a technical and fast paced manner. The race is for the beginner and advanced riders who wish to challenge themselves in the racing culture of cycling.

For this year, The Selangor Brompton Criterium are taking measures to introduce a new format in our races which is – the bikeability grading system, eliminating the age format category. Our intention is to promote a fair level of competition for riders to compete with their peers and at the same time encouraging more new riders to take part in races.

Event Day Format
  • Entry Process
    Competitors must complete an online entry form and entries will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
  • Parking
    Parking for competitors and spectators at the event is in designated parking areas only. The local community has been very supportive of the event but has asked that visitors to the event do not park on the residential streets as they are narrow and quickly become congested. Please respect our parking arrangements and follow the event parking signs as you enter.
  • Registration
    Each race venue will have its race central tent. This is where registration, sign-on, issuing of competitors’ timing chips/transponder, & race bibs will take place. Competitors should allow at least 1 hour to complete the registration process before their race.
  • The Circuit
    Each race circuit length will be approximately 1KM to 1.5KM per lap and the duration will be confirmed in due course closer to the date once the number of riders is finalized.
  • Attaching Your Timing Chip
    1. Position timing chip on right hand side of fork and
    attach firmly with cable tie provided.
    2. Cut off excess cable tie.
    3. Slide timing chip up fork as far as possible to ensure a
    tight fit.Event staff will be available to assist with correct fitting
    and removal of timing chips. Timing chips must be
    returned at the end of the event; a RM50.00 charge
    (collected as deposit up front during registration) will be
    levied for each unreturned chip.
  • Race Results
    The organisers will make the best effort to make
    available the race results of all participants on the
    website the soonest possible after the completion of the
  • Prize Giving Ceremony
    There will be a prize giving ceremony for The Selangor Brompton Criterium after the end of the race for each series. All competitors and supporters are welcome to join us there.
  • Prize Categories
    The following are the prizes of the event:
    Selangor Brompton Criterium 2019
    1st. Prize – RM300.00 cash or equivalent value
    2nd. Prize – RM200.00 cash or equivalent value
    3rd. Prize – RM100.00 cash or equivalent value
    (All with medals)
    1st. Prize – RM300.00 cash or equivalent value
    2nd. Prize – RM200.00 cash or equivalent value
    3rd. Prize – RM100.00 cash or equivalent value
    (All with medals)
    Senior Citizen Men (>60 years on the day of the event)
    1st. Prize -RM150.00 cash or equivalent value
    (With medal)
    Senior Citizen Women (>60 years on the day of the event)
    1st. Prize -RM150.00 cash or equivalent value
    Note: The prizes for the event are almost similar to that of the
    other races in the Selangor Criterium Series race 05 2019:
    Grand Finals:
  • Others:
    • There is quite ample free parking lot at the South Paddock
    of the Sepang International Circuit and is available at the
    following time 05: 00pm ~ 12: 00midnight
    • Admission to the venue and watching the events/races
    are free.
    • Cancellations are not possible participation fees cannot be
    refunded after application.
    All participants are insured for accident for the following cover:
    a. Death – RM10,000.00
    b. Permanent Disablement – RM10,000.00
    c. Any medical expenses – RM500.00 maximum
    • As a rule, the race/event may be canceled or changed due
    to unfavourable weather or natural disasters.
    • If the tournament cannot be held due to the above
    reasons, it will not be possible to return the entry fee.
    • Please be forewarned that photos of participants and
    supporters taken by official staff and the media may be
    used by the media, organizers and their affiliates.
    • There may be changes such as contents and time. Please
    check the event website carefully.


  • Participation in the Selangor Brompton Criterium race
  • A fully designed close circuit route for the race
  • A sanctioned event by KBS, PPS, MNCF & PLBS
  • A proper carnival event & race organised by Cycling Selangor
  • Race Marshall & Safety Team cover during the race
  • Media highlights of the event
  • Digital race timing for official results
  • One Race Medal
  • Emergency Medical Cover during the race
  • Eligibility for the prize fund
  • Entrance to prize ceremony
  • Race Bib Number/License
  • One Red Bull can


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